A comprehensive guide to the grade of plywood products

A comprehensive guide to the grade of plywood products Plywood grade guide Plywood, as a widely used industrial material, is marketed in various grades and quality levels. Choosing the right grade, according to the need and intended application, plays a key role in the final quality and efficiency of the project. In this section, we […]

The main differences between plywood and MDF

MDF vs Plywood: Which one to choose? Join us to compare two common types of materials in carpentry, MDF and plywood, in terms of features, strength, application and cost. MDF (medium density fiberboard) It is made of soft and hard wood chips that are connected with glue and resin. This material is smooth and does […]

Concrete formwork plywood

Concrete formwork plywood Formwork with plywood: advantages, types and applications Formwork with plywood is a light, durable and environmentally friendly system that provides a high-quality final surface of concrete. These molds are made by gluing several special layers together. Molding with plywood is used where there is a need to cover a large surface with […]

Russian plywood

Russian plywood Russian birch plywood is a type of sheet made of thin layers of birch veneer glued together. This type of board is known for its strength, durability and attractive appearance. Russian plywood is made by stacking several layers or veneers of birch wood so that the grain of adjacent layers is opposite. This […]


What is plywood? Plywood consists of thin layers of wood that are glued together under high heat and pressure. The fiber direction of each layer is perpendicular to the next layer, which gives strength and rigidity to the panel. This product is made from different types of wood, and its range includes sheets that consist […]

Plywood in the container industry

Plywood in the container industry Due to its unique features, plywood is used in the container industry. This material offers several advantages over traditional materials such as wood, ceramic and plastic, including: Containers made with plywood Plates and bowls: It is suitable for making plates and bowls in different shapes and sizes. Tray: It is […]

What is plywood?

What is plywood? Do you know the extent of plywood applications in the construction industry? Plywood is widely used in the construction industry due to its unique features such as high strength, moisture resistance, flexibility, and the ability to cut and paint. Here are some examples of creative applications of plywood in the construction industry: […]